2013 C.O. Comments Of The Year

Forget the Viagra...Pass me a Carrot!:

My daily dose of cute overload and a great compilation to enjoy. The singing corgis are amazing as is the relationship between and elephant and a dog. A lesson in how to get along with anyone.

Originally posted on Cute Overload:

Thanks 2 EVERYONE who has visited C.O. this year, sent in submissions, and commented on posts. We wouldn’t be here without you.

That said, we’d like to feature some of the top post comments of 2013. (List starts in March ’cause, um, that’s when we thought of this.) Other C.O. 2013 Top Ten lists are here and here in case ya missed ‘em. Start us off, Nikki!

“Mother Nature is such a badass.” -Nikki on Hi Mr. Nudibranch! (March 19)

“We’re going to have a body count with this post.” -Dash on There MIGHT Be Something Cuter Than This….” (April 2)

“I love this. I don’t understand it, of course, but that hardly seems important.” -4leafclover on The Zen Of The Capybara. (April 5)

“I keep clicking back and forth between CNN and Cute Overload. Thank you for keeping these heart healing images coming to balance the…

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